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I went to Bhaktapur with my family this Saturday. Bhaktapur is a plain area. There were lots of clay work and handcraft shops on the way to Bhaktapur. In the bus, I was suprised to know that the road we were travelling was the highway wchic  goes to china border. In Bhaktapur,there were many ponds, temples and palaces.

 Firstly we went to sidhapokhari where there were many people. First of all ,we bought some food for fish. We sat near the pond and gave the food for the fish.We clicked photos. We saw many different kinds of fishes. There were many plastic bags in the pond drawn by the wind. There were many plastic bags and garbage around the edge of the pond too. The wall were coloured with beautiful colours.

After that we went to Na Pokhari which was not good. The water of Na Pokhari was dark green and the walls were black.

We also went to Nag Pokhari. This place was surrounded by good environment. Nag pokhari was more beautiful than other pokharis. There were statue of Nag in the middle of ponds which was made of metal.

 We than to view temples. There was Nath Pole temple, the tallest temple in Nepal. It is 5 storyed. There were so many other temples as well but I forgot the name now.

Then, we went to see the palace. First of all I saw Pachpanna Jhyale durbar.It was very nice in a brown colour. There were many palaces but i forget theirs name as well.

At durbar square there were many art crafts. There were many tourists too. I liked Bhaktapur because the environment was vey nice. It was my first visit. I wanted to buy something but i did not.

 By this time we were very hungry so  we went to a resturant to take our snacks. I ate 1/2  plate of mo:mo. They did late to bring the snacks. After that we came home by bus.

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