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Kaitlyn Ashley Maher

by Thaneshwarkaitlyn-a-4-year-girl

Today I am I writing something about the girl on this photo thinking that she will be an inspiration for you all. I hope you will certainly be inspired knowing about her talents and start using your talents.

Her name is Kaitlyn Ashley Maher. She’s 4-years old. She lives with her mom and dad and baby brother in Ashburn, Virginia, United States of America.

Upto here is normal, right? But let me tell you something really interesting about her. (more…)

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Vasundhara Raturi

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Kamal Nepali, 12, who rescued two-and-half year old Aradhana Pradhan from a 60-feet deep gorge in Pokhara on Wednesday, 25 June 2008,  at risk to his own life has been given a number of rewards and words of appreciations. 



 Who is Kamal ?


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