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The Descendants

There is the possibility in a top actor career of becoming too big. Celebraties like Taylor lautner, Robert pattinson, Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus are the combination of high fame . George clooney while working hard by his fame for a long time , seems to have finally successes . He had the confident and polite to charm others, as seen up in the air and the ocean .George clooney played  middle age father in the descendants . A descendant is a tragic-comedy movie directed by Alexander Payne . The descendants won two golden globe awards and earned five nomination at the 84th  academy awards in January 2012.

In this movie,  Matt king (George Clooney )was a trustee of a family trust on the land of  Kaua’i .The trust would expire in seven years ,so the king family had decided to sold the land to Don Holitzer for development .Just before family members were ready to sign the deal, Matt’s wife Elizabeth goes into a coma after a boat accident . Matt and Elizabeth had a  full 10 years old Scottie (Amara miller) and 17 years old Alex(shailene Woodley). Alex was addicted to drugs . Scottie was a stubborn child . Clooney refers himself as a backup parent because he was not very close to his daughters. When Elizabeth goes into a coma, king finds out that she had affair with a guy. Matt sets out mission to find about his wife lover , accompanied by his daughters and Alex boyfriend .  In this mission, to find Brian spears (Elizabeth lover),the relation between father and daughters gets better .They all travel to Kauai’s to find Brian . Matt met his cousin Hugh and he told him that Brian was Don Holizer’s brother-in-law and if Matt and his family sold the land , Brain will gain a lot of money . After few days Matt met Brian in his cottage and introduce himself as Elizabeth husband . Matt told him that he was there to let him know that Elizabeth would  die and give  him a chance to say good-bye but Brian said he loved his family and sorry for the pain he had caused. Only a day was left for Elizabeth to take her last breath. Everybody Of  family  visited Elizabeth in hospital .Then,king reveals all the secret to his small daughter Scottie .Later Matt,Alex and Scottie scatter Elizabeth’s ashes in the ocean .The death of Elizabeth makes clooney to be good and caring father .

The thing that makes the descendant such a charming watch ,is its ability to know the basic of human .Those who had never watch this movie,  I  recommend everybody to watch this .

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I was excited for the holidays, on the last of My examination. Marijke Van Suchtelen came to Nepal for her short trip from Netherland. She was a friend of my father. This was the second time for her to be in Nepal. She had a visa for 2 weeks.  I was very happy and nervous to meet her at the airport. Next day she joined for the lunch and we planned for the holidays. We roam Kathmandu around 3 or 4 days. Marijke wants to visit coffee plantation so went there. Ujwal Rana is the first founder of coffee plantation in Nepal at Nuwakot district.All my family members and Marijke went to Nuwakot. It was a long way so we had more fun. When we were in the office there were two guides they showed everything. It was nice. The place was surrounded by trees and river. We were at Nuwakot for the whole day. In the evening we come back home.

Our next plan was to go pokhara .We planned to stay in pokhara for 3days and 4 nights.  When we were at pokhara it was raining, so it was hard to find a  hotel .The hotel environment was very nice. Marijke got a lot of friends at hotel. The founder of hotel was amazing she knows almost every language .She spoke in Nepali  with me. Our hotel was near the lake side so first, we went to Fewa Lake. We enjoyed a lot  but we hadn’t taken a camera.World peace pagoda is near the fewa lake .So we went to pagoda by that way.It was on the top of hill we walked for 45 minutes. There is a stupa of Gautma Buddha .After that we were walking to the Davis falls. The lady showed the village way,so we went and people were very surprised to see Marijke.  She liked pokhara better than Kathmandu.On the next day, after taking breakfast we went to sarangkot for paragliding.So at 12:00 clock we were at sarangkot and she flew up in the air. After 1hr she come back and she shared her experience, after listening to her I also wanted to do.At the restaurant the waiter thought I am tourist guide so he asked me the information.I was so surprised because the another person asked me the same question .One shopkeeper gave me the card and told me to bring tourist in his shop.We were very tired so suddenly we went to hotel to took rest . I wanted to go to begnas lake so  after an hour we  went there.

We took many pictures . On the second last day we went to bat cave.The taxi driver told it is so scary so I was afraid. All the bat were on the top of the cave.While going inside we should take the torch-light with us by the help of him we came out.We were free on that day so we went for shopping.I bought a comic book and read it.It was very nice.That day was the last day so we gossiped all the time.Next day we took a trip to Baglung.On that day weather was not so good .On the way to Kusma  there is a Nepal’s longest footbridge in Nepal.It is 344 meter longs,117 meter high.

Then in the afternoon we arrived in Baglung.In the evening we met ama at lekhani.We stayed there for 2 days and 3 nights .We went to different place in lekhani.She liked the village and  people a lot.It was a little difficult for Marijke to be in lekhani because there is no any facilities .After a week we come back to Kathmandu.The next day we went shopping and we shop a lot.We had a fun time.Finally,the day come for Marijke to leave the country.We went to airport with her to say good bye .



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Hunger pangs

Beep,Beep ! The sound of horns of the cars wakes him up.He looks around and finds himself lying on a pavement beside a busy street.He can’t remember how he got there nor he can figure out why hiS head is hurting so. He looks down and sees out that his pants are torn and there are scars on a legs.He sits on a cold concrete pavement and tires recollceting his memories of the night before.His parents were dead.

He didn’t have any place to go  and eat anything.He wandered on the streets on an empty stomach.He managed to survive first day without much trouble,his hunger was extreme the next day.He saw a girl just about his eating biscuit and before he even realised what he was doing,he had snatched the biscuit from the girl.He was beaten black and blue by people around with abuses language.

He, then remembers the boys who had come afterwards.They looked a lot like him.They gave him a packet  saying it would drive away with his pain and his hunger.He opened the packet like stuff it.The boys told him to sniff it and to come in a certain place nearby if he needed again.He did what they told and soon he could feel something unusual happening to him.He looks around,sees a garbage and an apple among the scattered waste with determination he walks towards the bin. Felling of disgust arises within him but he hunger pangs are too sharp.He picks the apple and bites it as he moves forward in an unknown direction…


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I was very excited to go to my village (lekhani). At 7:00 AM  we went to bus stop and started our journey.  Altogether we were about 13 people . I was sitting with my brother (Pankaj) in the bus. We both were very happy to see our grandmother, relatives, and friends. We ate lots of junk foods; not good for health right ! There were many people in the bus. When we were heading, at Thankot our bus hit the truck  which broke the head-light of the truck. So there was an argument for 1 hr. We all were sad that time. After 1 hr driver came back to his sit making us happy. All the people were sleeping in the afternoon. Our bus stopped at restaurant & where we took our lunch. After taking lunch I was planning to give surprise for grandmother so I phoned her and told that we were coming there. Then, at Pokhara the tire was punctured all the people were nervous once again because it was already late. Then at Kusma it was already dark so driver was very hurried, at that time front light of another bus was on our driver’s eye because of that he was angry and there was fight between them.

Our driver took a knife and another driver took rod then there was also argument, lets say a small fight. All the people were nervous. I was trying to see from back but I could not. My mother saw that and she told me about that. after leaving Kusma there were not more people so I sat where I wanted. My sisters were talking to people there then suddenly I listened that the conductor of that bus was fallen down from the roof. I was really surprised that in that day , with us, in our bus theses kinds of accident happened. after that it was7:00 clock  and it was very dark.at 8:oo clock we were in Baglung. I thanked the God that we came to Baglung safely.I was very happy but little sad because my father was not with us that time.I missed him a lot in these holidays

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The longest word in a dictionary


pneu⋅mo⋅no⋅ul⋅tra⋅mi⋅cro⋅scop⋅ic⋅sil⋅i⋅co⋅ vol⋅ca⋅no⋅co⋅ni⋅o⋅sis [noo-muh-noh-uhl-truh-mahy-kruh-skop-ik-sil-i-koh-vol-key-noh-koh-nee-oh-sis, nyoo-] meaning a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust.

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