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The Descendants

There is the possibility in a top actor career of becoming too big. Celebraties like Taylor lautner, Robert pattinson, Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus are the combination of high fame . George clooney while working hard by his fame for a long time , seems to have finally successes . He had the confident and polite to charm others, as seen up in the air and the ocean .George clooney played  middle age father in the descendants . A descendant is a tragic-comedy movie directed by Alexander Payne . The descendants won two golden globe awards and earned five nomination at the 84th  academy awards in January 2012.

In this movie,  Matt king (George Clooney )was a trustee of a family trust on the land of  Kaua’i .The trust would expire in seven years ,so the king family had decided to sold the land to Don Holitzer for development .Just before family members were ready to sign the deal, Matt’s wife Elizabeth goes into a coma after a boat accident . Matt and Elizabeth had a  full 10 years old Scottie (Amara miller) and 17 years old Alex(shailene Woodley). Alex was addicted to drugs . Scottie was a stubborn child . Clooney refers himself as a backup parent because he was not very close to his daughters. When Elizabeth goes into a coma, king finds out that she had affair with a guy. Matt sets out mission to find about his wife lover , accompanied by his daughters and Alex boyfriend .  In this mission, to find Brian spears (Elizabeth lover),the relation between father and daughters gets better .They all travel to Kauai’s to find Brian . Matt met his cousin Hugh and he told him that Brian was Don Holizer’s brother-in-law and if Matt and his family sold the land , Brain will gain a lot of money . After few days Matt met Brian in his cottage and introduce himself as Elizabeth husband . Matt told him that he was there to let him know that Elizabeth would  die and give  him a chance to say good-bye but Brian said he loved his family and sorry for the pain he had caused. Only a day was left for Elizabeth to take her last breath. Everybody Of  family  visited Elizabeth in hospital .Then,king reveals all the secret to his small daughter Scottie .Later Matt,Alex and Scottie scatter Elizabeth’s ashes in the ocean .The death of Elizabeth makes clooney to be good and caring father .

The thing that makes the descendant such a charming watch ,is its ability to know the basic of human .Those who had never watch this movie,  I  recommend everybody to watch this .

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