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Father’s Day and My Father

There are several- important days, and are celebrated for different reasons. Among them father’s day is one. On father’s day we all  celebrate the day with our father by doing different activities. Since childhood I didn’t get much time to spend day with my dad. If I get chances to live with my father then I will make him happy person of this world by doing everything possible. This year again now I have to celebrate father’s day alone. I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.

This  is my dad. He was born in lekhani Baglung. He spent his childhood in village. He had his school level education in lekhani but had high school education from Baglung Multiple campus. After his high school education, he decided to work for children education. He established one boarding school. All the people were happy because their children can study in their own village. He was curious to learn, that time he also admitted to P. N campus for his bachelor study. He used to attain class only few times a month but did self-study a lot. He did his best for children education and his own major study. It is hard to believe he could not attain campus class but he got good grades and topped the campus. Along with his studies, he was doing his best to run the school. Unfortunately he could not run the school for a long time because of political instability. So, the school was forced to shut down forever. That time the villagers were sad. We only have the memory on our mind this time. After the school closed he came Kathmandu to do a business, he thought he need to learn more about business, so he went to the Netherlands to study about business. After long struggle he is doing well now. He is graduated and doing his own business with my mom. He is happy and trying his best to make us happy. Sooner or later he is coming back to Nepal and going to run his own company. My dad is very different from other’s dad, so I love him a lot. Because of him only I am up to here and I am writing this for him. He is very social. He is always ready to help others. He does not want to see anybody in trouble. My dear dad, thank you for your nurturing light for the wisdom of your laughter and all the joy you bring for me.

It’s just my suggestion to my friends, try to make your father happy no matter he is rich or poor, ugly or handsome. Love him, obey him and think of his struggle to your family. Celebrate this day with your father very happily. At the end, I wish you again a very happy father’s day. Have a great day.

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