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Hunger pangs

Beep,Beep ! The sound of horns of the cars wakes him up.He looks around and finds himself lying on a pavement beside a busy street.He can’t remember how he got there nor he can figure out why hiS head is hurting so. He looks down and sees out that his pants are torn and there are scars on a legs.He sits on a cold concrete pavement and tires recollceting his memories of the night before.His parents were dead.

He didn’t have any place to go  and eat anything.He wandered on the streets on an empty stomach.He managed to survive first day without much trouble,his hunger was extreme the next day.He saw a girl just about his eating biscuit and before he even realised what he was doing,he had snatched the biscuit from the girl.He was beaten black and blue by people around with abuses language.

He, then remembers the boys who had come afterwards.They looked a lot like him.They gave him a packet  saying it would drive away with his pain and his hunger.He opened the packet like stuff it.The boys told him to sniff it and to come in a certain place nearby if he needed again.He did what they told and soon he could feel something unusual happening to him.He looks around,sees a garbage and an apple among the scattered waste with determination he walks towards the bin. Felling of disgust arises within him but he hunger pangs are too sharp.He picks the apple and bites it as he moves forward in an unknown direction…


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