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I was very excited to go to my village (lekhani). At 7:00 AM  we went to bus stop and started our journey.  Altogether we were about 13 people . I was sitting with my brother (Pankaj) in the bus. We both were very happy to see our grandmother, relatives, and friends. We ate lots of junk foods; not good for health right ! There were many people in the bus. When we were heading, at Thankot our bus hit the truck  which broke the head-light of the truck. So there was an argument for 1 hr. We all were sad that time. After 1 hr driver came back to his sit making us happy. All the people were sleeping in the afternoon. Our bus stopped at restaurant & where we took our lunch. After taking lunch I was planning to give surprise for grandmother so I phoned her and told that we were coming there. Then, at Pokhara the tire was punctured all the people were nervous once again because it was already late. Then at Kusma it was already dark so driver was very hurried, at that time front light of another bus was on our driver’s eye because of that he was angry and there was fight between them.

Our driver took a knife and another driver took rod then there was also argument, lets say a small fight. All the people were nervous. I was trying to see from back but I could not. My mother saw that and she told me about that. after leaving Kusma there were not more people so I sat where I wanted. My sisters were talking to people there then suddenly I listened that the conductor of that bus was fallen down from the roof. I was really surprised that in that day , with us, in our bus theses kinds of accident happened. after that it was7:00 clock  and it was very dark.at 8:oo clock we were in Baglung. I thanked the God that we came to Baglung safely.I was very happy but little sad because my father was not with us that time.I missed him a lot in these holidays

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