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Today I woke up at 7:00 at morning. I did my personal hygiene and took my breakfast. I revised encyclopedia and learned my science coarse book. After that I took my lunch and watched TV . Then I ate some fruits and got ready to go to my aunt’s house . As planned we went for shopping as planned. I played game in laptop and watched TV in my aunt’s home. I ate  food there.  At 5:00 clock my mom told we shall not go today so I became very angry and came home. I watched TV for sometime and learned books for 1 hour .I took my dinner and went to my bed.

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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani


Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani is a comedy story. It stars ranbir kapoor and Katrina lead the roles. Salman khan appears in a guest in the movie. It was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, produced by Ramesh S Taurani, written by Rajkumar Santoshi and music by Pritam. I watch this movie after my 2nd term.

Actor/Actress Role  
Ranbir Kapoor Prem Shankar Sharma  
Katrina Kaif Jennifer Pinto  
Upen Patel Rahul Jalan  
Salman Khan Himself(Cameo Appearance)  
Darshan Jariwala Shiv Shankar Sharma  
Govind Namdeo Pitambar Jalan  
Smita Jaykar Sharda Sharma  
Navneet Nishan Mrs. Pinto  
Mithilesh Chaturvedi Mr. Pinto  
Zakir Hussain Sajid Don-    
Pradeep Kharab Tony      
Sanatan Modi Tony’s father      
Rati Shankar Tripathi Bhairon Singh      
Abhay Bhargava Terror Tej Singh      


Once there was a reporter who came to the town where the prem live. He found nobody in the town in the town and he saw the statue who was trying to tell his past stories. He start to say past story.

Once the thief came to the town. Suddenly prem appears in the bicycle. Then the thief was hitten by prem’s cycle and the police &people was grateful to prem.

 He was president of happy club. He had five members in his club.To make people happy and make the life of young boys and girls was the rule of happy club.

Once his friend fall in love with a girl named Devi and helped them to married. At the same time Prem fall in love with Jenny. He tried to become more familiar with jenny and his friend of his club also help him a lot.

 Once there was a dance party due to occasion of jenny friends married. Jenny was also involved there so she convince prem to be his dance patner. He also agreed and went happily. Jenny parents want her to dance with Tony in the party and prem did funniest thing to him.

Once prem was called by jenny to talk about her life he went there but jenny was not there also he went to her home. He came to know that jenny was in Goa with his parents. He went there and saw the condition of jenny. She was forced by her parents   to marry with jenny.Prem knew that jenny had a boyfriend name Rahul in Canada. He was very sad to listen that because he used to love her and he also think that jenny also love him.

Prem, being a president of happy club try to marry Rahul andjennyrahul parents didn’t want to marry jenny with his son’s because she wad Christian and he was hinduisn.Prem made a plan and convinced Rahul father and he was agreedOne day Sajid Don Kidnap jenny and asked for10 crore.He went there with dublicate money.Then, they came to knew that about the money.Prem then fight with them. After that Rahul and jenny were going to marry.Then, Rahul father tried to explore his name instead of prem in catching Sajid don.

Jenny told everything and the reporters came to knew that the case was solved by prem.then, jenny tried go with prem but prem was already returned home. In the way, prem met Jesus Christ and Jesus tried to make the jenny and prem together by taking him to church.

Then the statue finishes his story .He informed the reporter that the married of jenny and prem was going to be held today. So he said that reporter that he can also involved in the party.

After that prem and jenny lived happily.

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