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Because of every ones love, I planned to edit Baglung and want to give more information ,so with the help of internet I have share my ideas..


Baglung district is the part of Dhaulagiri zone .Dhaulagiri zone is one of the 75 districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of Asia. It is 275 km west of Kathmandu and lies on midhill of Nepal. It covers an area of 1784 km sq and has a population of 268,938. It has 59 village development committees and one municipality. Baglung is surrounded by Parvat, Myagdi, Rukum, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Gulmi districts .Baglung is the administrative headquarter of Dhaulagiri zone . Baglung is a major business, financial, educational and health care center for the people of kaligandaki valley.


Baglung is a multicultural and multiracial community .Baglung is diverse in religion and culture .Hinduism and Buddhism are the major religion .Magar, Chhetri, Brahmin, Newar and Gurung are the main ethnic groups in Baglung. Nepali is the spoken language of the region. Other languages spoken include Newari, Gurung, Thakali, Tibetan and Magar.Baglung is rich in herbal medicine plants .rice, corn, maize and potato are the major crops of Baglung .Baglung bazaar, Hatiya-Galkot, Kushmisera and Burtibang are the trading center of Baglung. Very good views of Himalayas can be had from Baglung is visited by tourists seeking to trek to Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Dhorpatan.

Girls dancing at Chaitre Dashain Mela

In the recent years many national banks have opened branches and regional offices .There are many shops and restaurants catering to the locals and occasional visitors. There are few small-scale industries. Baglung is considered to be one of the politically most conscious districts and it plays a significant role in the Nepali politics.

The Kalika temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year especially during the festivals of Dashain and Chaitre Dashain. Baglung area is well known for the folk Nepali music. Every year on ChaitreDashain Annual folk song competition will be held  and  it attracts artists from all over the nation.                                                                      Rafting at  Kaligandaki

I am a girl from village named lekhani .Every year in Dashain I go to visit my grandmother. So this year also I went there before few months                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                            Lekhani Village

By looking the condition of lekhani and Baglung In my view:

Every year something has been developed in Baglung .Infrastructure of development like electricity, education, drinking water has all been developed. In most of the village area telephone, TV and computer also has been accessible..Before few years woman and girls used to be busy on their household work but nowadays girls starts to join the school and woman starts to do partime job.Ama samuha has  been established in different villages ,where woman gets information for their family .Likewise agriculture sector has also been improved .All the people gets information from krishi palan . Most of the people has high thinking and wants to be rich, so to be employed they goes to foreign countries by living their families which is wrong.

                                  Shree Lekhani Higher Secondary School

Many school and colleges are being established in English medium and private level which is good for children but in village area taking the advantage of children woman goes to city, where old people in village do the work themselves. Baglung airport in Balewa is located 12 km to the south of the town across the valley from Kusma. Water transportation is virtually absent. Jeep are available  to go to village area .Road has been peech in some places .  Young generation are  also employed nowadays and everything is going on …

History of Baglung

 It is the story of early 16th century. King Pratapi Nayayan of Galkot married the princess of Palpa. The king brought goddess kali along with him as dowry. Legend follows; nobody was able to carry the sword of Kali. A youth from Kunwar chhetri family was finally able to carry the sword. He was given the honorary title of Khadka (‘khadga’ meaning the sword). One night when the wedding procession reached, the king had a dream. In his dream goddess Kali said she liked the place and wished to stay there. The king then built a temple in honor of goddess Kali. This was in 1590 B.S. (1533 A.D.)

              Kalika Temple

King Pratapi Narayan also started the tradition of holding an annual fair during ‘Chaitre Dashain’. The fair is still held annually and draws thousands of visitors every year during the two-day event. Major trade was carried along the Kali Gandaki valley between India and Tibet by Thakali people. Newar merchants migrated to Baglung from Bhaktapur in 18th century.Since then it has remained the most important political and economic town .

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