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Nwaran, name giving ceremoney,  is the ritual that  is performed on the  11th  day of  a newly born child according to Hindu religion. In that day, all the relatives of the child come to see him/her so I also went to the nwaran ceremony of my cousin sister. First I saw newly born sister’s face than met relatives. Then we put tike and received money. It wasn’t so intersecting for me because there we just talked and sat . But I wanted to watch TV but there was no television. I played and sat with my sister. We ate a lot. We talked for sometime. While doing puja pundit kept the name of the sister-Geeta Devi and mama also gave her  a name-Pramangjana. One of my aunt was coming there, first she told that she would come at 2pm then 3 pm and at last at 4pm. Then she came near Gorkha f.m. at 4pm. Then we went there to bring her. After some hours it was late for us because we had taken grandfather also. So we went outside to take taxi and we went to room. While coming home my brother and I wanted to go by motorcycle but mother told us to go buy taxi. But at last we went by motocycle. In that topic there was discussion for sometime. Then we came to home. This is how we celebrated my cousin sister’s nwaran.

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Before my vacation, I used to think that my vacation would be very fantastic. During those days I used to feel very sleepy but now days I wake up at 6:00 p.m. after my exam finished, I was very happy for some days only wanted to go to many places, meet relatives. And I was worried about my exam. I was missing my friend too. Sometime I think that going to school are very intersecting days but sitting at home are very boring days .In vacation I am watching some good movies. They are very fantastic and romantics. In vacation, I am taking tuition class also. Someday my brother and mother went outside because I should because I should look after my grandfather that was also nice but to watch TV there is no electricity, to play no friends and to buy things no money. This is very strange situation. So I can’t tell whether my vacation before my new session is nice or boring.

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This movie is  about a Japanese-Korean girl who lives in South Korea. She loves a boy  named Whong Shan and he goes to north Korea for further studies. She also goes to korea to meet him. She stays in a lodge where she finds a boy named Jung Man. His father gives his room to her but he wants to get his room back. He tried to take  the girl out of the lodge. But later he falls in love with her but the girl doesnot notice it.

When she finds out she  should leave the lodge and go to south korea, she was very unhappy. After she returned to South Korea she works in her own resturant. One day Jong Mancame to her resturant and ties a thread on spoon, then girl thinks that Jung Man should have come there so she follows  the thread  and find him behind the snow-man  and the movie ends happily.


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