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My Holiday Diary

We had vacation to celebrate the great festivals, Dashain & Tihar of Hindu people of Nepal. The vacation was scheduled from 18th Aswin to 17th Kartik. So we decided to go home on 19th Ashwin. In the morning of 19th Aswin we went to Sundhara to take our Bus(micro). After travelling for a long time in the micro, I felt sleepy so I slept in micro itself, we did puzzle and other romantic things. We couldn’t reach Baglung on time because of the strike. After reaching Baglung we spent that night in our sister’s house. At morning we took breakfast and we went in search of a jeep.

We found a jeep and went home by the jeep. We (I) meet my grandfather and grandmother. They were very happy seeing us and we as well. Then we took our dinner and went to bed to sleep. For two three days we played, and did other things.

According to the calendar on 23rd of Aswin was Dashain. I put (Tika & Jamara) from my elders on that day. People as well as (I) were happy because we had met our relatives and family members.

On the next day we (family members) decided to go to my Mamaghar. But we weren’t happy on that day because we couldn’t find any vehicles to reach to our Mamaghar. At 5:00 o’clock we reached Baglung bazaar by foot. Then we caught bus & travelled by bus to reach Mamaghar from Baglung. After reaching Mamaghar I (we) ate fruits and went to meet my friends. I visited many places with my friends there. I returned back and slept because I was too tired. We stayed one week and met our sister grandfathers, grandmothers etc. Then we came home by foot. That day also I was very tired so that we (I) went home and slept fast.

On the next day we went to cut grass (PAREE VIR) for 2 days and we started to carry dry grass for 5/6 days. On another day we went to cut paddy in the field. In that day I cut my finger but that was healed soon. On that day we ate too much. At evening we ate rice pudding and we went to sleep. In another day we were planning to come to Kathmandu but mother and brother came I did not come because of my health problem.

Then on 17th Kartik I, grandfather, sister & brother arrived to Kathmandu. Same event happened on that day we stayedd on the bus because of 19 hours long strike. I was not so happy that day because I couldn’t attend the regular class.

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