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On the 1st September  we had an “Inter House Spelling Contest” in our school which started at 13:00 and ended at 14.30 . The competition was held according to the classes (grades) . The first program (competition) was held between 4 & 5 classes, and then between 6 & 7 classes. When class five and six finished our turn came to participate in the competition.  I was also participated from our team so  we the members of Rugosa went to the stage. Three students of each house were participated. The program was of four rounds; spelling, Meaning, Jumble and Spellthon. In Meaning and Spelling round we had  to answer indivizually and in two other rounds  we stood group-wise. In Meaning, Spelling and  Jumble round Rugosa (red)  won  and in Spellthon round Europa (blue)  won.

Finally, Oshiana  house became last, Sericia house became third, My house, Rugosa, became second and Europa beacame first.

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