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Amazing Exam

This time my exam was better than before but it didn’t go as expected. It started from the 1st of Shrawan and ended at the 10th of Shrawan. There were five subjects; English, Nepali, Science, Math and Computer.  Among them English & Nepali exam were very good. I am not satisfied so I am thinking I have to study more than this time.  Actually I had  a terrible  stomach pain and headache during my exam.  So due to my health problem, I could not study good. 

As a whole  my exam was good.  I will try to do better in coming exams. I promise to do that. If not, my name is not Prakriti. You will see, who am I ?

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I am a WOSO  student in my school. Today we had a level test competition to change the  belt; from white to green.  For this purpose we went to Dasharath  stadium (Rangasala)  to attend our programme .

I had more confidence than my other friends.  Before the programme start, I did  a short meditation for two minutes which made me very confident. I showed some katas very good so  at last our teacher told me that I  passed the level test.  And now I am green belt WOSO  student so I am very happy. I think meditation enhanced my confidence which helped me a lot to pass the test so easily.

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Yesterday it was a surprise for me that I didn’t no  where I was going.  When me and sister Anjali went to Jamal, then only I knew where and why I was  coming.  In the beginning  I was little nervous but later when I got more information about the programme I became very happy. I  did meditation with other many children  from 10 am  to 4 pm.   There I learned many good  things.  There were  gurus and we had to follow what they told us.

After the meditation, we went to some places around Basantapur and I  saw many new  things.  At the end we went to a book shop and bought some books and returned to home.

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Kamal Nepali, 12, who rescued two-and-half year old Aradhana Pradhan from a 60-feet deep gorge in Pokhara on Wednesday, 25 June 2008,  at risk to his own life has been given a number of rewards and words of appreciations. 



 Who is Kamal ?


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Today we had boxing match  in our sports period. I and my classmate, Shibu, were the  partners for a team. In the middle of the match,  I punched her and  got 4 marks .  After 5 minuets of the first punching,  I punched and kicked her hardly causing her a sever pain so she  gave up the competition .  So I am declard the winner of the match. At the end, I told her sorry she told OK .

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